Zu alt zum studieren

Here are extr materials and activities I schutz created zum teaching Deutsche Welle’s Top-Thema module entitled “Studieren in Deutschland“. The original deutsche Welle materials can be accessed from the theme webpage. Alternatively, the text and exercises (pdf) and audio (mp3) tun können be download for angeboten use.

Du schaust: Zu alt zum studieren

In ns post Teaching with deutsche Welle’s Top-Thema und Video Thema, ich outline how ich use these deutsche Welle modules in in intermediate- kommen sie advanced-level courses with varied goals. Visit that buchseite to seen how my students begin zu work with ns materials deutsche Welle provides. Below I in presenting and explaining the extension tasks that ich use after we schutz exhausted all des the excellent materials deutsche Welle provides to accompany the text. Downloads of all exercises explained here are connected at die bottom von the page.

Vocabulary work

Students work in pairs to explain or define in German each underlined word or expression from die text. This zu sein primarily a speaking activity, notfall a creating activity. Students find out from each other as they collaborate kommen sie explain every term. One von the best ways kommen sie learn other is über teaching it zu others. Students kann sein bolster their own an abilities as lock strive zu clarify what castle know and understand weil das others.



Students converse an small groups und relate the inhalt of their article zu their own experiences.


Points of view

Every student has something to say about die hardships des being a student. The points-of-view activity is a set of statements that are drawn from the content of the article. Student will oase strong feelings about many of the statements and they space free kommen sie agree or disagree v them — yet only an German! They get practice expressing agreement und disagreement, defending or refuting viewpoints, and connecting ideas together. Kommen sie this end, students deshalb get this list von Redemittel that they can refer to during their conversations.

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Points des view: expansion activity

The points von view task generated dafür much lively discussion, i created another set of statements the deviated from die “Studieren bei Deutschland” theme. Topics are current und some are deliberately contentious. For example: Männer haben es im leben schwerer als Frauen. They space topics student are likely to schutz opinions about. They oase the Redemittel to refer kommen sie during this activity as well.

All of the activities zum “Studieren an Deutschland” are obtainable as a single download in pdf-format: Studieren in Deutschland-weitere Übungen

The Redemittel und the second Points of view extension task are separate downloads:


Extension task – Was sprechen Sie?

And die original deutsche Welle Top-Thema page bei HTML, with audio und comprehension exercises, is here:”Studieren an Deutschland“.

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